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We are continually searching for new approaches to provide our customers with better quality agricultural equipment and agrochemical products at competitive prices.


Research Process

Orchards invests significant time and resources in research and development of its ever increasing agricultural equipment range and ready-to-use molluscicides.

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Product Development

Involving farmers from diverse farming practices when we conduct trials form an integral part of our product development and product evaluation process.

Tubex Vinewrap Peg-Thru

Using unique and patented technology, TUBEX have developed the Vinewrap Peg-thru to provide an effective vineguard that is both easy to open, and which is also designed to stay open whilst essential maintenance operations are carried out on the young vine plant.

TUBEX Vinewrap Peg-thru requires the use of a 3mm steel securing rod, which acts as the vine ‘tutor’ (training the plant up to the first trellis wire) and which can be re-used multiple times. TUBEX Pegthru simply slides up and down the rod, hinging open on the specially designed rod cavity and springing back into place when released.

We do not offer new products to our clients without first running extensive trials on these products. Trials at our Worcester test site is only one segment of our product development drive.

Here at Orchard Suppliers we will always supply farmers with the products they need.

Christiaan Jansen van Rensburg, CEO.


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