Tubex Bloc Shoot

tubex vinewrap bloc shoot banner

Tubex Bloc Shoot guards for side shoot suppression.

World renowned tree and vine guard manufacturer Tubex have come up with an adaptation to their highly successful range which reduces maintenance costs during the establishment of many fruit and nut species.

In addition to the existing benefits of Tubex the new range, with added and very specific light inhibitor, suppresses the plants natural tendency to produce side shoots low down on the stem.

Instead of the normal 3 – 4 side shoot removal passes on crops such as Almond, by using Tubex Bloc Shoot guards growers have reduced this cost to just a single pass, saving considerable money in the process.

There are two options on Tubex Tubex Bloc Shoot’, a solid tube and an openable wrap, depending on customers’ requirements.


  • Heights: 50cm
  • Diameters: approximately 75mm to 95mm
  • Minimum order: 720 units


  • Lower maintenance costs on side-shoot removal
  • Faster establishment leads to earlier cropping
  • 100% herbicide safe when installed correctly
  • Made from environmentally friendly and recyclable Polypropylene
  • Life expectancy around 3-5 years depending on location and crop type.