Tubex Bloc Solaire

tubex bloc solaire distributed by Orchard Agrikem

Tubex Bloc Solaire - providing the ideal protection for acclimatising seedlings to harsh environments.

Designed principally for use on nut species such as Pecan and Macadamia, Tubex Bloc Solaire retains all the regular Tubex treeshelter benefits such as protection against animal browsing, and herbicide damage and increased growth.

With the addition of highly specific light frequency inhibitors, it also helps protect delicate stems from UV damage, reduces side shoots and in fact creates a considerably cooler temperature inside the tube during the day, and slightly warmer temperature inside the tube by night.

When young plants are taken from a protected nursery environment, with close planting and plenty of shade and water, before being transplanted into a much more ‘challenging’ open field situation, they can suffer UV damage, sand blasting and drying out.

Tubex Bloc Solaire is designed specifically to ‘nurse’ the plant against these potentially damaging factors as it adapts to the field environment, encouraging speedy and healthy establishment.


  • Heights: 60cm
  • Diameters: 90mm to 110mm max. diameter
  • Minimum order: 720 units


  • Laboratory tests show temperature inside the tube up to 12 degrees centigrade cooler than outside the tube when exposed to radiant heat source to replicate intense sunlight.
  • Temperature inside the tube in simulated overnight situations shows increase of 2-3 degrees centigrade over outside temperature.
  • Field trials show almost no side shoots growing inside Bloc Solaire as opposed to multiple side shoots inside other tubes.
  • UV stabilized Polypropylene twin-wall construction – light, strong and easy to install/remove – designed for 3-5 year life expectancy.
  • Tubular shape allows mechanical weeders to move around the plant without catching or breaking the guard, and also offers more stability in windy conditions.
  • Recycle-able and environmentally friendly material.