Tubex Fruitwrap

tubex fruitwrapThe Tubex Fruitwrap is a double-walled cylinder, cut through vertically, causing the tube to spiral in. This spiral structure enables you to wrap the cylinder around young plants and it wil expand as the plant grows.

The Tubex Fruitwrap is perfect for plants of small girth with a prevalent single stem.

Hints on usage

  • Use a supporting rod to a soil depth of at least 30 cm.
  • Do not force the cylinder open further than it’s original diameter.
  • After placing around the young plant gently push the cylinder into the soil to remove any gaps at the base.


  • Heights: 0.4m, 0.6m and 0.75m
  • Diameters: nominal 65mm expanding to 80mm
  • Nested in 2
  • Minimum order: 972 units


  • UV stabilised to provide a minimum estimated life of 3 years (can vary beyond this depending on site conditions).
  • Durable twin-wall construction for the best possible strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Quick and easy to both install and remove.
  • Overlap that expands as the plant grows.
  • Ideally suited to fruit and olive tree applications.
  • Provides accelerated growth, improved survival rates and reliable browsing and herbicide protection.