Tubex Skytubes

tubex skytubes ditributed by orchard agrikem

Tubex Skytubes - enabling fast and even height growth in windy conditions.

Fruit farmers who are struggling to encourage young trees to put on height growth due to constant wind buffeting effect will be happy to know that Tubex’s new Skytube has been designed to overcome this wind effect, so allowing the tree to make up to 1m + vertical growth in the first season.

Easy to install, the Tubex Skytube is simply wrapped around the top 5cm of the growing tip of the tree and attached to the existing metal training rod using a rubber tie.

Once the top (apical) bud is protected in this way the tree is free from wind buffeting effect and can grow at an accelerated rate. As the apical bud nears the top of the Skytube simply slide the tube up the training rod (always leaving 5cm inside the tube) and the stem will continue to grow.

Once the desired height has been achieved the Skytube is removed and the tree will then revert to natural behaviour, producing a thicker stem and side branches etc. Environment inside the tube is very healthy for the tree, with the ‘chimney effect’ of warm air rising and drawing cooler air in through the base making fungal disease less likely, and farmers have reported no requirement for fungal treatment or foliar fertilizer on the stem as the tree grows rapidly.


  • Heights: 75cm
  • Diameters: 75mm
  • Minimum order: 720 units


  • 1m+ growth of stem achievable in one season (tested on apple in Western Cape), despite constant wind buffeting.
  • Openable tube for easy installation.
  • 10cm slits cut in base to enable Skytube to be attached to horizontal training wires.
  • Optimal growing conditions inside Skytube.
  • Tubular construction makes Skytube strong and stable in windy conditions.
  • UV stabilized Polypropylene twin-wall construction – light, strong and easy to install/remove – designed for 2-3 year life expectancy.
  • Recycle-able and environmentally friendly material.