growthcare crop protecting fleece available through orchard suppliers

17 gsm Crop Protection Fleece

Our 17gsm crop protection fleece offers high moisture transmission to support growth. This paired with air permeability for temperature stability and heat retention to increase root temperatures which encourages early maturation of crops. The environmentally friendly fabric provides protection from insects and is heavy enough to provide some protection from occasional weather extremes.

40 gsm Crop Protection Fleece

Our 40gsm crop protection fleece is recommended for overwintering and use in extreme climates. It offers increased levels of strength that reduce the risk of plant breakage due to exposure to snow or frost. The increased density helps to reduce wind damage, including branch splitting and dehydration. This material does not allow water to penetrate to the plant. Managed airflow, however, creates the microclimate required to minimise the impact of temperature variances on overwintering crops.

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