growthcare tree shelters available through orchard suppliers

It can be damaging for young plants that are used to a protected nursery environment with close planting and plenty of shade, to be uprooted into a much more ‘challenging’ open field location. These plants can struggle to reach their full potential.

OSAM's UV-stabilised square Grow Tubes are designed specifically to ‘nurse’ plants against potentially damaging factors as it adapt to the field environment, encouraging speedy and healthy establishment. OSAM Grow Tubes protect plants from herbicides and animals and have been specifically designed to provide the right solution to your planting needs.

70 mm OSAM Grow Tubes

Recommended for fruit trees

90 mm OSAM Grow Tubes

Recommended for vineyards and fruit trees

110 mm OSAM Grow Tubes

Recommended for vineyards, as well as fruit and nut trees

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