castellari tornado olive harvester
The patented professional electric olive harvester with elliptical counter-rotating double movement reeds is ideal for all types of harvesting. The flexibility of the prongs, made of pultruded carbon, reduces stress on the olives and plants to a minimum. The elliptical movement and special tooth arrangement placed on two levels make the machine ideal for medium/large olive harvesting, even for plants with heavy foliage.

The motor at the bottom of the pole is designed for balancing the tool. The telescopic pole is made of pultruded carbon is available in two lengths. The use of carbon as an alternative to aluminum reduces vibrations and saves 300g of weight increasing the general robustness.

The TORNADO CARBON V3 is supplied with a 14.9m power cable with watertight connectors and two safety fuses.

Features of this harvester include:

  • Telescopic carbon pole (lighter than aluminium)
  • Balanced weight distribution (the motor is in the bottom)
  • Long carbon fingers (it harvests all olives, even the smaller ones)
  • Wide head

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