The Clemens Radius SL round-the-vine weeder is an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical weed control. The Radius SL destroys the capillaries resulting in less dry stress, causing weeds to rot in a natural manner.

clemens radius sl

Sensitive sensor technology allows for clean work around the vine. They can be fitted in various positions, at the back, between the axles, at the front and on both sides. The Radius is versatile and can be used with a variety of front tools and other equipment.


  • Weeds decompose naturally.
  • Less stress from drying out as a result of destruction of capillaries.
  • Soil is revitalised and optimum soil condition is encouraged.
  • Sensitive feelers for clean working around the vine.
  • Can be fitted at the back, between the axles, on the front and on both sides.
  • Chemical-free weeding
  • Fflexibility with a variety of front tools and attachments:
  • Compensation for slopes, manual control, rotary weeder

Radius SL Plus

clemens radius sl plus

The RADIUS SL PLUS offers all the advantages of the RADIUS SL and even more. In addition to the blade share, additional implements can also be mounted quickly. So you always have the right machine at hand, even under different conditions and objectives.

Radius D

clemens radius d
The RADIUS D represents a new generation of double-acting weed control equipment in the field of understock treatment.

The heart of the machine is the specially developed proportional valve technology, thanks to which even heavy attachments can be guided safely and sensitively around the planting stock. With a low hydraulic power requirement of less than 10 liters, the RADIUS D also has 25 percent more power than the RADIUS SL.

The innovative operation of the RADIUS D is based on the machine’s ability to hydraulically swing a tool, such as a flat knife, in and out with a double movement. Controlled mechanically by the signal from a very sensitive hydraulic valve, the flat knife feels its way around the plant and operates in proportion to the speed of the tractor.

Thanks to its modular design and quick-change system, the machine can be quickly and easily equipped in the vineyard with various tools, such as the flat knife, clearing share or clearing body, driven discs, rotary cultivator, mower and many other tools.

The cab-mounted control system CLEMENS C.CONTROL allows the operator to deliberately override the working tool: The tool can be extended for tall weeds and manually retracted for young plants.

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