It may seem like science fiction but the future is here. The next generation of agricultural technology, electronic tractor control promises to increase productivity. The Clemens Vinescout steering system can be installed on all tractors or grape harvesters with hydraulic steering. Vinescout electronically steers the tractor in the row with the assistance of a 3D camera system. This means that the tractor driver no longer needs to steer when driving through rows, but can instead fully focus on the attached equipment.

A buzzer is triggered when the end of a row is reached to alert the driver to take over manual steering in order to move onto the next row. The vine scout automatic steering system allows the driver to concentrate on other activities and greatly improves multi-row cultivation, even at night.


  • Fully automatic steering system
  • Takes the strain off the actual steering process
  • Allows for stress-free operation of multi-row cultivating appliances
  • Can be used in viticulture and fruit-growing with a spacing of 1,5 m and 3,5 m between rows.
  • Can be used on all agricultural tractors with hydraulic steering.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Excellent precision at various working speeds.

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