fischer gl4w 04
Gentle around the vine - The GL4 and GL5 blade mowers are equipped with two swing arms, swinging out vertically and thus adjusting to any unevenness on the ground. Mechanical sensing of the stem with spring-load control and rubber armouring on the swing disks or two precision sensors with hydraulic precision control ensure clean mowing around the stem.

The precision sensors can be adjusted to meet the most stringent requirements, thus allowing biological cultivation without the use of herbicides. An additional point-spraying unit on both sides allows high cutting and working speed. Optimised overview during working thanks to front-mounting of the unit.


  • Fischer GL4 & GL5 mower with hydraulically width adjustable swivel-­arms
  • All GL4 & GL5 models are available as rear or front mounted or both, using a double 3Point linkage and double-­input central gearbox on request
  • Wheel rollers height - adjustable (4-7 cm)
  • Counter-rotating gearbox drive of the blade rotors
  • Cushioned rotating swing wings with spring-drawing attachment
  • Mounted slide disk on the swing wing
  • PTO drive shaft CE with overload clutch and freewheeling
  • CE accident protection
  • Various support-­wheel options including poly-­foam filled rubber tyres and caster wheels
  • Mows around trunks, trees and trellis
  • Available with integrated herbicide unit as manual or with automatic point spray facility
  • Width adjustable to suite various row spacings
  • Available in various sizes and configurations ranging from 1.4m -­ 5.2m

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