infaco f3020

The Infaco F3020 builds on the highly respected F3015 technical base adding many improvements to allow our clients to continue using the best tool available on the market. Even more effective than the F3015, the Infaco F3020 has higher cutting speeds and improved work comfort.

infaco blade kitsStandard wireless DSES safety system
The new wireless safety system is composed of a conductive trigger that makes the connection between the user’s body and the shears’ electronic system (INFACO patents).

As soon as the cutting head touches the opposite hand, bare or wearing a glove, the pruning shear blade opens instantly, thereby preventing accidents.

  • F3020 Standard head: Faster and lighter. Ideal for vineyards. 60mm cutting capacity.
  • F3020 Medium head: More versatility. Perfect balance between power and speed. Great  for vineyards, but also orchards and other applications. 70mm cutting capacity.
  • F3020 Maxi head: We offer the possibility to buy a Medium head shear with a Maxi head already installed. (Both heads are included with this option, Medium and Maxi). The maxi head is ideal for larger cuts in apple orchards, when doing renewals in the vineyard, almond pruning, etc. 100mm cutting capacity with Maxi.

Technical data:

  • Weight of shear - 708g for Standard, 835g for Medium and 1,165g for Maxi.
  • Blade opening - 60mm for Standard, 70mm for Medium and 100mm for Maxi.
  • Cutting Capacity - 40mm for Standard, 45mm for Medium and 55mm for Maxi.
  • Adjustable opening function - Yes
  • Half aperture adjustment - Yes
  • Blade overlap adjustment - Yes
  • Blade movement - Gradual
  • Use mode - Standard / Soft
  • On/off switch on tool - Yes
  • Battery level indicator - Yes
  • Aluminum body structure - Yes
  • Cut prevention safety system - Yes

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