infaco olive harvester
The oval shaped foot print of the rotating prongs is achieved through Infaco’s patented Elliptical System allowing for better harvesting of olives in difficult to reach areas without damage to the fruit. The same oval rotation also allows the olives to fall near the harvester into the nets rather than being thrown around. The Electro’liv is so effective it will cut your harvesting time by three. One of the most important factors in producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil is to ensure that the fruit reach the processing plant in under four hours.

And with the Electro’liv harvester this can happen, by removing olives in a timely and economical way. Variable speed control minimises damage to trees and ensures that new growth remain in tact while the olives are harvested. The Electro’live is designed to remove a variety of sized olives and has also been successfully trailed on almond trees.


  • Power - 150W
  • Speed - 760 - 1100tr/min
  • Battery & waistcoat weight - 2,9kg
  • Battery - Ni-Mh
  • Battery voltage - 48v
  • Battery life - 3 hours
  • Charging time - 5 hours
  • Battery warranty 12 months

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