micron spraydome sprayer
Micron’s Spraydome features a shielded design to minimise the risk of spraydrift, enabling spraying to be carried out in as wide a range of weather conditions as possible. The Spraydome is available in spray width from 400mm to 1200mm.

It also makes it particularly suited for those applications where it is absolutely critical to prevent spray contamination of the crop or the surrounding area. Spraydome’s hard wearing shields offer durability and longevity in application and make the sprayer particularly suited for more demanding spraying tasks including weed control round mature olive trees, citrus fruit and almonds, as well as amenity areas such as fence lines, footpaths and along buildings.

The sprayer can also be used for field margin demarcation and agricultural trial plots. The Spraydome range incorporates either traditional hydraulic pressure nozzles (HiFlo models) or Micron CDA (Controlled Droplet Application) technology which offers users a host of economical and environmental benefits. All Spraydome CDA models incorporate rotary atomisers which allow low pressure, low volume application with uniform droplet sizes.

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