oxbo 3216xl
The Oxbo 3216XL is assembled on a heavy duty chassis capable of harvesting grapes while guaranteeing exceptional fruit quality, even in high tonnages. The 3216XL grape harvester chassis is also easily configured to offer the most trusted platform for continuous tray raisin harvesting.

High capacity buckets carry, not drag, your fruit for a clean end product. With the Oxbo 3216XL harvester, producers with various trellises can now enjoy the cost savings of mechanical harvesting in their raisin operation.


  • Length: 5.16m
  • Width: 3.89m
  • Min Height: 3.58m
  • Lift: 0.61m
  • Weight: 7.121kg
  • Tunnel Width: 1.36m
  • Min Tunnel Height: 1.98m
  • Max Tunnel Height: 2.59m
  • Motors: Sauer 46cc
  • Torque Hubs: Fairfield W5 rear
  • Hydraulics: Sauer 75cc pump
  • Engine: Tier III, 100hp turbo charged John Deere 4045

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