oxbo 4420xl
The Oxbo 4420 is a multi-purpose power train that proofs useful in the vineyard for the entire vine growing season including harvesting, spraying, pruning, mowing, and many more. Designed to for 6- to 12-foot spaced rows, the dual rear three-point hitches are hydraulically adjustable from the cab. Continuous duty 60hp PTO in conjunction with the available front tool bar for unprecedented power and productivity.

The 4420 offers a front tool bar compatible with many of Oxbo’s vineyard mechanisation tools for increased versatility. As an over-the-row power unit and equipped with the front tool bar, the Oxbo 4420 is capable of carrying a variety of vineyard tools, allowing you to mechanise some or all of your vineyard tasks. Compatible tools include these Oxbo implements: rotary box pruners, VSP cordon brush, VSP FBS fruit thinner, VSP shoot thinner, VSP vine trimmer. Also available is either a three-row or a five-row sprayer module.


  • Length: 5.89m
  • Width: 3.06m
  • Min Height: 3.66m
  • Lift: 0.76m
  • Weight: 7.855kg
  • Tunnel Width: 0.86m
  • Min Tunnel Height: 3.96m
  • Max Tunnel Height:
  • Motors: Sauer 46cc
  • Transmission: Sauer Danfoss 90 series, 100cc and 55cc
  • Hydraulics: Twin 75cc open loop pumps
  • Engine: 6.8L, 275hp, Tier III, turbo charged John Deere

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