seppi b20 pick up mulcher
Pick-up-Mulcher with disc chipper and ejecting chute, combined technology for a particularly fine mulching result. The two hydraulic rotors of the B20 pick up the material from the ground while the upper rotor floats up and down. The collected material is fed to the CUT CONTROL rotor inside. The high density of fixed hammers and wear resistant blades already gives an exceptionally good mulching result, before it goes through a second shredding process in the disc wood chipper.

The biomass thus derived is ejected with the chute on the field or into the tractor hitch provided. The efficiency of B20 is so high that an area of one hectare can be completely cleaned in just a few hours.

The finely ground residues can be reused as biomass for incineration plants or composted, where they quickly become valuable humus.

Standard features

  • Mulcher with pick-up rotor, disc chipper and ejecting chute 4-in-1: collects-mulches-shreds-conveys
  • B20 mulches brush&wood up to 20 cm [8”] Ø
  • Working speed 0-2 km/h
  • Rotor RIC with tungsten carbide hammers MINI DUO; anti-wear hammer support
  • 2 hydraulic pick-up rotors
  • ISO 3-point rear linkage cat. 3, push drive (Reverse drive system recommend, front attachment not possible)
  • Disk chipper with with exchangeable wear plates and with internal blades made of wear resistant steel
  • Wear resistant expulsion chute, hydraulically tiltable and rotatable
  • Hydraulically adjustable chute deflector
  • Dual side belt transmission (2x5)
  • 750 rpm gearbox
  • Chassis made of wear-resistant steel
  • Support roller
  • Chevrons with rear lamps

Midifrost Drago Pick-Up Mulcher

seppi midifrost drago
Forestry mulcher with the system for collecting shredded material, the MIDIFORST drago collects wood up to 15 cm [6“] from the ground for further use. It also collects other materials such as grass, leaves and biodegradable waste to be mulched.

The mulched material is taken by a conveyor belt up the chute which can be collected and carted away in a trailer, leaving the soil clear of material. Thanks to this system, the soil remains free of shredded material and biodegradable material is created for composting and further use.

Standard features

  • Mulches wood up to 15 cm [6”] Ø
  • Helical rotor with combination of SMW flails & fixed CARBIDE hammers MINI DUO
  • Working speed 0-5 km/h
  • Rubber conveyor belt
  • Wear resistant chute, hydraulically adjustable
  • Hydraulic height adjustment of the chute deflector
  • Aerodynamic chute transports dry andalso wet material in large quantities to the top for efficient discharge
  • ISO 3-point rear linkage cat. 2 central fixed
  • Dual side belt transmission
  • Input shaft 1 3/4” Z=6
  • 1000 rpm gearbox with freewheel
  • Draw bar / height adjustable trailer hitch
  • 4 rows of tempered COUNTER CUTTERS
  • Support roller
  • Adjustable rear hood with variable rakes
  • Front protection with chains

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